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Scale your business with our award-winning advertising process & powerful marketing automation.

4.9 / 5 Stars

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Our clients see a 367% ROI on average. We include FREE market research in every proposal to ensure your profitability before you pay.

What Clients Are Saying


It is a pleasure working with Cleverman Inc. The team is extremely responsive, and readily able to modify targeting to adjust for an ever-changing market. They have added tremendous value to our business.


David O.


We’ve worked alongside the Cleverman team for over a year and have had our fair share of wins. Their partnership has been invaluable for our business.


Nick S.


Cleverman Inc. has transformed my business!! During Covid, we had to pivot and find new avenues of reaching clients and agents. Our business increased and continues to increase through Cleverman's lead generation strategies. I look forward to working with my Cleverman team for years to come!


Neil H.

We Grow Companies Of All Sizes With Our Lead Generation

Integrates with your current tech stack so you don't have to switch platforms

Even distribution of leads & meetings across larger sales teams via round-robin

Automated email & SMS lead follow-ups, booking reminders, and “No-Show” sequences

Appointments with qualified leads booked directly to your or your sales reps’ calendars

Custom marketing dashboards updated in real-time and accessible 24/7

Getting Started

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What Makes Us Outstanding

Rich Market Research & Industry Insights

We only take on clients we know we can help. That’s why we run keyword & competitive research, lead volume projections, and profitability analyses before producing your proposal.

We'll only create a full proposal if your business is a fit for paid lead generation. If it isn't a fit, we'll send you all the research without a proposal so you can understand why.

Robust Intake & Onboarding Processes

The transfer of information from client to agency is usually a tedious process. We make it easy.

Our intake and onboarding systems eliminate the endless back and forth, getting us everything we need to create advertising assets that perfectly represent your business with only a few hours of upfront involvement on your end.

Dynamic Advertising + Powerful MarTech

People seek your solutions or services for various reasons. That's why we adjust every Google ad, landing page, email, text message, and retargeting ad to match the search term they used to find you.

This strategy converts well beyond industry averages when coupled with our marketing automation. This is how we reduce our clients' customer acquisition costs and produce a 367% ROI for them on average.

Our Clients


How do I know if my business is a good fit for Cleverman Inc.'s Lead Generation Program?

Cleverman Inc. conducts extensive market research before ever producing a proposal to ensure your offerings are a good fit for our Paid Lead Generation program before you even pay. Every prospective client receives $1500 worth of Keyword & Competitive Research, Campaign Strategy, Lead Volume Projections & Profitability Analyses whether we move forward with them or not.

What if I have a larger sales team? Can Cleverman Inc. accommodate me?

Absolutely! Our Single Stride Program includes Round-robin lead & booking distribution for larger sales teams.

We’d love to have an influx of qualified leads, but we’re worried we won’t have the bandwidth to follow-up with all of them.

No worries! We set up Automated email & SMS lead follow-ups, booking reminders, and “No-Show” sequences to ensure your leads stay engaged in between your human follow-ups.

What if we don’t have a CRM? How will we keep track of these leads?

We’ll set you up with a CRM that seamlessly integrates with our program, so you and your sales reps can stay organized.

My team is accustomed to our CRM, scheduling software, and comm. platform. Do we have to switch?

Our program is set up to seamlessly integrate with your existing technology stack. No switching required!

Isn’t running a proper Lead Gen campaign expensive?

Building an evergreen pipeline of new business for your company is going to be an investment. However, this Lead Generation is a revenue-generating investment that provides an average ROI of 367% for our clients.

4.9 / 5 Stars

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